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Where are the men ?

“Where are the women…” sang the late Patrick Juvet. The choir L'Harmonie could hum "Where are the men", so much does it lack these beautiful bass or tenor voices. So, Gentlemen of Crissier and neighboring towns, who do not hesitate to hum in the shower, in your bath or while walking your dog, you who sing alone for fear of being heard, L'Harmonie, mixed choir, opens wide the doors of his rehearsal room. And if you are told that Myriam Duruz, its director or Jean-Michel Vallon, its president, around thirty sopranos and altos without forgetting a few tenors and basses will give you an excellent welcome, do you feel called? To convince yourself of this, and without commitment, all you have to do is come one of these next Tuesdays, from 8 p.m., to Crissier, to the Marcolet college. And there, it's up to you to join L'Harmonie, which is just waiting to make you love singing!

A song, three choirs (Plein Vent de Lausanne, L'Avenir de Bavois and L'Harmonie de Crissier) = a festive concert, moments of sharing and emotion in honor of Myriam Duruz, the director of L'Harmonie . A director who celebrated, Sunday, February 23, 2020, 20 + 1 years of management.

Little Magic Suite

"There it's finished…  » sang the French group Télephone…and the singers of L'Harmonie felt like a feeling of great emptiness after the concerts on April 5 and 6. On the program: a first part composed of six songs ranging from "It can rain", passing by "Mississippi River" and "Let's the sunshine", four excerpts from the musical "Sister Act in Las Vegas" and, of course, a second part with the famous “Petite Suite Québécoise”.

It is not too much to say that the word fusion rhymed with emotion throughout the two evenings with a peak reached with "La Petite Suite Québécoise", a little gem of a compilation of popular songs from the Belle Province.

Because fusion, there was. With the Trio Paderewski, the percussionist Maxime Jaunin and the singers. Fusion, osmosis, complicity and emotion. I would like to find even stronger words to better express the feelings of everyone.

"Here, it's over..." Well, not quite since on June 1 and 2, L'Harmonie is taking part in the musical "Sister Act in Las Vegas  (Théâtre de Beausobre in Morges, 7 p.m.) and on June 21, the choir will be at La Fête de la Musique in Lausanne (see the program at

And it goes on and on...

After its concerts on March 3 and 4, L'Harmonie never tires of performing La Fiesta. This is how on April 1 - no, no, it was not a fish - it was in Lausanne, on the stage of the magnificent Paderewski room of the Casino de Montebenon, that the resident choir of Crissier sang, moved and thrilled a large audience. From “La fête” by Michel Fugain to “Femmes, femmes” by Serge Lama, without forgetting some rhythms in warm Brazilian colors, La Fête was beautiful, although a little shorter than the one that took place in Crissier. It is indeed as a choir invited by the Chœur d'homme de la Pontaise that L'Harmonie had the pleasure of being able to afford the immense pleasure of playing the extensions.

And it was happy and fulfilled that the public and the choristers came together to eat, drink a glass of friendship and dance until late in the evening.

So, if you too want to taste the thousand and one pleasures of La Fiesta de L'Harmonie, meet on May 6 at Montagny s/Yverdon or on June 21, during the Lausanne Music Festival, from 8:15 p.m. at 9 p.m. at the Galeries Saint-François. Your choir puts the cover back on with an undisguised joy of singing.

When you are told that... "It doesn't take much to be happy"!

Mary-Claude Taillens


Photo caption  :

The Party was beautiful at the Paderewski room of the Casino de Montbenon in Lausanne. 

Brunch May 2016



Sunday, May 22, L'Harmonie organized the 2nd singing brunch – but probably not the last – in its history. Without any modesty, I want to say that it was simply magnificent.

The sumptuously garnished buffet (see photos) was taken by storm from 10 a.m. with everything that had been done by Jean-Daniel, our vice-president, and his team attracting both looks and taste buds.

Between the first appetizers and the main courses, it is an enthusiastic choir and has the desire to give the best of itself which interpreted a dozen songs taken from its repertoire, songs composed and signed by prestigious artists, such as Cabrel, Souchon, Lama, Cohen, Ferré, Perret or Nougaro.

This singing brunch was, thanks to the commitment of all the singers, a success and received a warm welcome from an absolutely won over audience.

Brunch 2016
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