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Nos sorties

A flawless race

It is exactly 7:30 a.m. on May 21, 2017, when L'Harmonie, almost complete, settles into the bus that is to take her to… Surprise, surprise!

First indication, the driver engages on the highway, in the direction of Geneva, passes the customs of Bardonnex, then cruising speed south, south-west. There, the assumptions are good. It may be Chambéry, Pérouges or Lyon, why not? All false. It is in Jujurieux (Ain) that the choristers and their companions make a first stop to visit the Bonnet silks, or more exactly what remains of them after many and many crises, that is to say the museum . An enriching, surprising and fascinating visit.

The visits, it is well known, that digs. After two good hours spent on the industrial site of the silk factories, departure for an invigorating stopover at will, at the well-named restaurant Le Panoramique, restaurant overlooking the hills planted with vines and the typical landscapes of the region of Cerdon (region of Bugey). In addition to good meals, including the specialty of the place called "the gallows", the choristers were not asked to taste a sweet and sparkling wine from the region. Tasting that they continued on board the boat in which they embarked a few kilometers further, in Chambod more precisely, for a short cruise on the Ain.

Thanks to Jocelyne, Anne-Lise and Gérard, our three GOs for this magnificent race, successful in every way. Not to mention the weather which, too, is in tune.

Auditory, visual and taste discoveries on the menu


It's 8:15 a.m., this Sunday, April 17, when the bus sets off, direction… We don't know. Because, as usual, our favorite GOs, Annelise and Jocelyne, have prepared, in the greatest secrecy, a so-called surprise race for some 50 singers and accompanying persons. The guessing game begins. A: it was indicated that it was important to take identity papers and a few euros with you. Two: comfortable clothing suitable for a light program, etc. In addition, our friendly driver took the highway, direction Vallorbe… Alsace, perhaps? No, since we left the highway a few kilometers further – our driver in his heart must have laughed a lot – to go to Sainte-Croix. And a first stop to discover the Baud museum ( and in L'Auberson. A visit to do absolutely, whether or not you are a fan of automatons and orchestrion music boxes. The people in charge of the visits know what they are talking about and manage during the two hours that the tour of the museum lasts to arouse everyone's interest. The visit ended with an invigorating and well-watered aperitif, as it should be.

The more beautiful was the fall


The calamitous weather of April 17 did not affect the morale of the participants and, by increasing the flow of the Loue (Doubs region) had a spectacular effect on the falls of this river usually, as we told us, rather quiet. But Sunday, hay of the usual tranquility and make way for turbulent waters and, therefore, particularly impressive falls.

A few minutes and kilometers further, arrival in Orsans (Franche-Comté), homeland of Gustave Courbet for a meal stop. I recommend the restaurant (tested) and the guest rooms (not tested, well I don't think so…) Le Jardin de Gustave. Everyone appreciated the dishes and the welcoming and efficient service ( A few steps in Orsans for digestion and a fresh start, head for Le hameau du fromage ( to find out everything, of course, about cheeses from the region, various local products and a plethora of souvenirs. Videos, photos and stories to know everything are offered there during a visit lasting nearly an hour... And there, hold on tight, the most curious - despite the lunch not quite digested yet - have not said no to a tasting of different cheeses. “You should have, it was too good”, they launched to the few who had declined…

In the pouring rain but happy with this Jura and Franche-Comté trip, choristers and companions took to the road again, towards Crissier. Thinking and looking forward to the next surprise race!

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